CONCEPT: What is a best before date?

Best before is an estimate of how long a product will remain at optimal quality. There is no health problem buying and consuming beyond that date. For more information, please visit our BEST BEFORE CONCEPT Page.

CONCEPT: Why is the food so cheap?

We are the largest retailer of short dated and residual stock. We sell through our website and physical stores, our customers are spread throughout Hong Kong and because the majority of our stock is short-dated or past its best before date, we are able to buy in large quantities and pass considerable savings on to our customers.

ORDER: When will I be charged for my orders?

You will be charged when you place your order. We will update you with a shipping confirmation email shortly.

ORDER: How can I check the order status?

To check your order status, head to the MY ACCOUNT page, where you can login to your account and enter the tracking number for your order.

ORDER: How do I cancel my order?

Once an order is processing, we regret that it cannot be changed or cancelled.
Having second thoughts? You can set up a RETURN once your order has been delivered.

ORDER: How can I return an item?

Step 1: Prepare the original receipt or any proof of payment
Step 2: Visit any GreenPrice store in person with the items you want to return
Step 3: Upon item inspection, we’ll process an in-store refund
* Returns must be made within 14 days from the purchase date.

ORDER: Are the prices online the same as in stores?

Prices on the GreenPrice website should be generally the same as our retail stores. There may be promotional offers available exclusively for retail stores from time to time.

DELIVERY: What are the delivery options?

Store Pickup:
Please collect your purchased item(s) at your selected physical store within 3 days from the selected pickup date. Remember to bring alone the pickup confirmation e-receipt for collection.

Home Delivery (Local):
S.F. Express (for parcel weighted ≦5KG)
GoGoVan (for parcel weighted >5KG)

DELIVERY: How much is the delivery?

Store Pickup:
Free shipping
 for all orders collected at GreenPrice stores 3 days after the selected pickup date. An accumulative late fee of HK$10 will be charged every day thereafter.

Home Delivery:
Parcel weighted 0-19.9KG: HK$29
Parcel weighted 20-49.9KG: HK$99
Parcel weighted 50KG or above: HK$249
For orders above $499, apply discount code FREESHIPPING at checkout to enjoy HK$29 discount.

DELIVERY: How long does the shipment take?

1-3 business days; however, delivery services shall delay when typhoon signal, a red or black rainstorm warning is hoisted. In this event, you will be contacted to re-schedule delivery time.

DELIVERY: How can I track the home delivery? (S.F. Express only)

You can trace your shipment directly at SF EXPRESS TRACE with tracking number from our Shipping Update Email.

DELIVERY: What happens when no one is available at my home to receive the order?

S.F. Express (for parcel weighted ≦5KG):
You may contact S.F. Express +852 2730 0273 to reschedule your delivery.

GoGoVan (for parcel weighted >5KG):
GoGoVan courier will leave the package at the security control room/ your front door. The courier may take a photo on delivery to keep a proper record.