Quality Promise

Quality Promise

Quality is the heart of who we are — it shows in our people, our conversations and our products. Product quality is the foundation we stand on and with three key areas we do not compromise on: safety, taste and traceability. 

If our product doesn't perform for you, we'll take it back.

Safety: Serve with Care

It takes dozens of hours of supplier negotiation to assure an item is perfectly safe for consumption after a reasonable period of time past its “best before date”. We’ve partnered with some of the greatest minds across the industries of regulatory compliance, academic research and nutrition service to secure our product safety.

In year 2020, representatives from HKBU Chemical Testing Laboratory have picked two relatively riskier samples from our store for microbiological examination, E. coli count, the major bacteria causing food poisoning, for both samples are at acceptable level <10 CFU/g. Items promoted in our store are certified with highest safety standard. Please check out the report here: Link >>>

Taste: Untouched Sensation

We’ll never be done testing products and listening to gastronomes like you; since 2016, we’ve been practicing random blind test sampling, weekly quality check and providing product trials in our retail stores. “3 months” after “best before date” is the shelf life control and guaranteed period that our products would not be subjected to noticeable taste change. 

Traceability: Accountable Sourcing

Picking the most promising vendors with strong track record, we are able to verify the history, location, or application of an item. Corrective actions could be implemented promptly and effectively when something goes wrong.