Social Impact

Social Impact

GreenPrice is a social enterprise based in Hong Kong with a mission to eliminate waste and popularise sustainable lifestyle. We are listed in the "Society Enterprise Directory" published by the "HKCSS - HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre". It is promised that 70% of our distributable profits will be reinvested in the business for the social objectives that we pursue.

Unnecessary Waste

Over 3,200 tonnes of food waste are produced in Hong Kong each day. The retailers and distributors disposed 150 millions of expired food items in 2014, which leads to the rapid depletion of our already limited landfill space. We serve as the last mile disposal outlet to lighten burden of the local environment.

Affordable Gourmet

Since the financial crisis of late 2008 and recent dramatic increase in inflation, more and more people in Hong Kong are crossing the line from just getting by, and not being able to afford a decent living standard. We believe that is not how the society should work and we have the obligation to provide quality groceries in affordable cost. 

Creating Aha Moments

We cultivate, inspire, and challenge our communities to become leaders in sustainability. The team takes an active role in organizing academic discussion, popup counters, experiential learning to educate people about the difference between use-by dates and best-before-dates. 

Improving Lives

We see the potential for assistance programs to reach deep into communities to support resilience and healing. From school programs that inspire ethnic minority kids with a love of nature, to food distribution program that unite impoverished families who are struggling to make ends meet, these programs make our service accessible to a wide variety of unique communities.