Product Disclaimer for Rope Strap EarthLink

GreenPrice Limited makes no warranties or representations regarding this product and shall not be held liable for any injuries, losses, or damages resulting from its installation or use.

The user expressly acknowledges and assumes the risks associated with using this product, including but not limited to risks of bodily harm, property damage, or data loss due to falling or dropping of any secured items.

GreenPrice Limited's phone case products are not guaranteed to fully protect against all types of damage. Reasonably foreseeable wear and tear could result in scratches or other cosmetic imperfections over time and use.

All measurements of straps and fittings are approximate and subject to a standard manufacturing tolerance of plus or minus 3 centimetres. No claims may be made against GreenPrice Limited for minor discrepancies between stated and actual dimensions.

By taking possession of this product, the user agrees that GreenPrice Limited shall have no liability for any losses or damages resulting from use of this product. The user proceeds at their own risk in all respects.